10 Local Food Businesses In West Wales (And How To Support Them)

There was a time when shopping local was an idea that started to face into obscurity. With the onslaught of big global brands like Amazon, Mcdonalds, and KFC infiltrating the local areas, it was hard to shift your minds back to basics. Here at Cwtch Box, we want to highlight some of the fantastic local food businesses in West Wales to truly give back to our amazing community. Forget about those soggy Big Macs and burnt-toast tasting Starbucks, from now on we’re going for quality local produce!

1. Pembrokeshire Gin Co. 



Founded in 2018, Pembrokeshire Gin Co. was founded by local business partners Charlotte and John who bonded over their love of Tenby and Gin. Fast forward two years and they have already beat out the ranks, winning the award for the “Best Gin in Wales”. Their award-winning gin has notes of citrus and herbs, and I’ve heard it goes well with some bubbly tonic water from Fire and Ice. 

Order some tipples from Pembrokeshire Gin Co. on their website

2.  Lochmeyler Farm Ice Cream

A short drive from Saint Davids is the fantastic Lochmeyler Farm Cottages. Dating back as far as the 11th century and linked to the former Prince of Powys, Glyn and Morfydd Jones have turned this gorgeous plot into holiday cottages and a successful dairy farm. They supply local shops and tea rooms, and frequent events with their mobile ice cream bike. 

You can find out what events they're selling at, and how to book one of their cottages here. 

3. Barti Rum


 Are you even from Pembrokeshire if you haven’t tried some of the famous Barti Rum? Barti Rum was launched in 2017 by Pembrokeshire’s own Seaweed connoisseur Jonathan Williams. Made up of a blend of gorgeous Caribbean rum (only the best) and infused with seaweed plucked fresh from the shallows of the Pembrokeshire coast. If you’re going to support one of these local food businesses in West Wales, this should be top of your list. 

Get some Barti Rum wrapped up in your very own Cwtch Box. 

4. Farm Cottage Bakery 


 Sometimes all you want is something sweet. Farm Cottage Bakery is a small set up in the Pembrokeshire countryside and should be your go-to for everything sweet and indulgent. With a delightful array of doughnuts, bread and even celebration cakes, you’ll have to make sure you’re having a cheat day! Follow along with their announcements on their Instagram.

5. Upton Farm Ice Cream

If you go into most shops in West Wales you will come across the locally-renowned tubs of Upton Farm Ice Cream. Of all the local food businesses in West Wales, Upton Farm has, by far, the largest collection of goods. This includes their extensive list of divine Ice Creams. Among the most popular is the locally-made Pembrokeshire Promise, a mix of vanilla and honeycomb. An absolute staple for a summer day at the beach! 

You can find Upton Farm Ice Cream in most shops dotted around the area, so pick one up on your next beach day. 

6. Cafe Môr


If you've ever been to stunning Freshwater West Beach, you've probably come across the inimitable Cafe Mor. Founded in 2010, you find the best seaweed-infused treats in (in their own words) a "one of a kind solar-powered-mobile-converted-fishing-boat-seaweed-kitchen". In 2011 Cafe Mor was named the "Best of the Best" at the British Street Food Awards, and it's not hard to see why. Offering up local seafood breakfasts doused in seaweed butter, including their own branded Beach Food products, they are the epitome of local produce. 

Get yourself down to Freshwater West for the best local breakfast with en even better view, or buy their beach food products here. 

7.  Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm

Looking for something with a bit of a kick, look no further than Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm. When it comes to local food businesses in west wales, this one is by far the spiciest. Offering up jams, meat rubs and sauces infused with their locally-grown chillis. There is probably nowhere else in the world you'll find a Chilli Bakewell Jam (which you can buy here) and it's from right here in the heart of West Wales. Let's hope you can handle the heat! 

8. Tan Y Castell


Probably the most iconic of all the Welsh Cake companies in Wales. Tan Y Castell takes the cake (groan!) for the tastiest baked goods this side of the Severn! Founder Pauls family have been bakers for over 200 years, so great cakes are in the genes. Located in Narbeth, they have won many prestigious awards including the Tesco "Peoples' Choice Award" in 2009. 

You can get a variety of traditional and flavoured Welsh Cakes and Bara Brith in your local supermarket, or you can order from them directly here

9. Crwst

Artisan. Quality. These are just some of the words used to describe the fabulous food at Crwst. The idea for Crwst was formed while cheering on the Welsh national team at the 2016 Euros Tournament in France, then little over a year later founder Osian was sending a box of doughnuts to the whole team! This is definitely one of those local businesses to keep an eye on. Crwst keeps going from strength to strength, and they have an outstanding relationship with the local community. 

Check out their online store to get some Crwst direct to your home. 

10.  Pembrokeshire Cider Company


Looking for a tipple to treat your fancy? Well, the Pembrokeshire Cider Company is just the treat you've been looking for. Offering up apple juices, sauces and, most importantly, cider. Emblazoned with local royal Henry VII, these are the perfect addition to your make-shift at-home beer garden. You can find the Pembrokeshire Cider Company at most local food outlets across the area, like Penally Abbey, Cosheston Brewery and even Pembroke Castle. 

If you want some for your own fridge, order online here

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