The Start of Something Good!

Today is VE Day, a special day to commemorate the end of years of carnage and destruction throughout Europe and the rest of the world. It feels peculiar to mark the end of one titanic struggle seventy-five years ago while grappling with another.

I'm currently sat in the home office trying to recall all the frantic work we've accomplished in the past four days to get this project started. It's a great chance to reflect on something exceptional. We've managed to do so much in such a short space of time. I'm also blown away by the fantastic people willing to support the project.

If you don't already know, we plan to deliver a Cwtch Box to one-hundred key workers throughout Pembrokeshire by the end of next week. I'm not talking about a box of essentials, quite literally the opposite! We want to make our key-workers feel loved and special during what has been such a stressful and challenging time for them. A Cwtch is what we think is essential right now. These are going to be the best gift boxes ever (I'm channelling my inner Trump)!

So, what have we achieved this week? The team has built this very website you are on, designed a brand (logo, colour scheme), written mission statements, got to work to start publicising our mission and designing the packaging for the Cwtch Boxes! We have also been phoning around all the local companies to see who can help. We have had a great response so far, and it's spurring us on to keep working hard. We will be taking photos today and tomorrow of some of the treats that will be going into the Cwtch Boxes, and finalising the shopping list for the first 100x Cwtch Boxes.

By the looks of it, we may have enough spare change to do another hundred, but can't confirm anything until the money lady says otherwise. I plan to keep going until we run out! If we get more help, we get to deliver more Cwtch Boxes.

You, yes you can help too. Just share our story. Share with your friends and family. It takes ten seconds and can help spread awareness for our mission and encourage more local businesses to get involved.

Keep an eye out on social media for updates. Better yet, sign up for our newsletter to follow our journey. I promise I will limit it to one, maybe two emails a week. You can find where to sign up at the bottom of the page.

Check out who we managed to get on board with the project so far. We're hoping this list will grow.

Thank you so much, guys! It means the world to us.

Also, if you want to find out more about me (the crazy b@#s$rd that's dropped £5k into this project), you can check out my business website here.





What an awesome project ❤️💯

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